Wines of Place - Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley, Oregon


Troon Vineyard is situated on the ancient, higher, second bench above the Applegate River. Surrounded by the Siskiyou Mountains, the winery sits at 1400 feet above sea level at the point the Applegate Valley opens up towards the Pacific Ocean and the confluence of the Applegate and Rogue rivers cuts a pathway for cool Pacific Ocean breezes to flow in every afternoon. This causes wide diurnal temperature shifts with warm days and cool nights, which promotes ripeness and preserves acidity.  At the summer solstice, Troon Vineyard has about 75 minutes more sunshine per day than the coastal California vineyards and none of their morning fog. This means that despite our shorter growing season, we more than make up for it in total hours of photosynthesis. On the flip side, during harvest we have shorter days than California meaning no heat spikes occur during harvest, which allows flavors to continue to mature in our fruit, but slows sugar production producing wines of more moderate alcohol levels with higher acid levels. On the Kubli Bench we have classic granitic and river sedimentary soils, which are similar to those found in Alsace, Beaujolais, the Languedoc and Sardegna. These soils, combined with our climate, give wines of elegance with great finesse and ethereal, floral aromatics.

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