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Troon Vineyard practices certified Biodynamic® and Organic regenerative agriculture and winemaking on our estate in Oregon’s Applegate Valley. We naturally craft elegant, refined wines that reveal vineyard, vintage, and variety in each bottle. All fruit used in Troon Vineyard wines is now farmed and certified under Demeter Biodynamic® guidelines. We believe the whole farm concepts found in biodynamics are the best way to build the health of your soil. Healthy soils are the foundation for healthy vines, which can then defend themselves from threats without the use of chemicals. These healthy vines produce fruit that is not only concentrated in flavor, but that reflects the character of where they were grown. The wines we produce from this fruit possess a unique vibrancy and life that defines Biodynamic® Wine. 

Our winemaking is minimalist, designed to only naturally guide the transition from grape to wine in order to be sure every nuance of each vineyard block expresses itself in each bottle of Troon Vineyard wine. All of our wines are only fermented with native yeasts with no other additives, including sulfur, used during fermentation. No new oak is used to age our wines. Small amounts of sulfur are added prior to bottling. White wines are whole-cluster pressed and barrel fermented. Red wine fermentations are a combination of de-stemmed whole-berry fruit and whole-cluster fruit depending on the varieties. Applegate Valley wines are naturally low in p.H, high in T.A. and moderate in alcohol. This is due to our mountain vineyards and a compact, yet warm growing season, which is defined by the long days of sunshine during the growing season to perfectly ripen Mediterranean varieties in Oregon. This is followed by extremely short days as we approach harvest, which slows sugar accumulation, preserves acidity and allows us to hang the fruit longer for richer flavor and tannin development, while still keeping alcohol levels lower and acidity high. 

Our Current Releases:

White Wines

2018 Estate Vermentino, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley 

Vermentino has proven to be ideally suited to the soils and climate of the Applegate Valley. Our warm, dry summers and our granitic soils give a deeply favored and complex style not unlike that found in Sardegna. We produce three estate bottled wines from this variety: Estate Vermentino, an “Orange” Estate Vermentino (skin-fermented) and Granito, which is aged on the lees for a full year before release. Great care is taken in the vineyard and we severely cut back yields to produce vermentino with bright, yet rich flavors and aromatics. We do not harvest our vermentino until the skins reach the beautiful golden color that can only be achieved when they are fully ripe. 

Our 2018 Troon Vineyard, Estate Vermentino, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley exhibits all the characteristics of Vermentino at its very best. The color is a crisp pale gold and the aromatics are both savory and fruity with lifted mineral notes. The rich flavors prove that wines with lower alcohol levels can still be full and round on the palate. The finish lingers with fresh mineral and almost nutty flavors. Simply superlative with seafood.

  • Barrel fermented

  • 9 months on lees in mature French Oak Burgundy barrels

  • 13% alcohol, pH 3.31, T.A. 5.7

  • Slow Wine Award 2019/2020 Slow Wine Guide

  • New release

2016 Granito Estate Vermentino, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley 

“Vinificato in barrique e affinato sulle fecce nobili”

Barrel fermented in mature French Oak barrique and aged on noble lees for twenty months, this is a new expression of Vermentino at Troon Vineyard. We call it “Granito” for the decomposed granite soils on which it is grown. Granito is unique for a New World Vermentino as it is a wine of great depth and complexity, something you usually only find in the great Vermentino wines grown in Sardegna. We’ve given this wine an Italian name in homage to those great producers who have inspired us. Richly flavored, but balanced by the crisp acidity, which is a hallmark of Troon Vineyard wines. As we are from Oregon, we, of course, recommend Dungeness Crab (fresh or cakes).

  • Barrel fermented

  • 20 months on lees in mature French Oak Burgundy barrels

  • 13.3% alcohol, pH 3.42, T.A. 5.4

  • 91 points James Suckling, 90 points Vinography, 93 points Terroirist

  • “And Oregon’s Troon wows me again with their new Granito Vermentino,” Terroirist

2018 Côtes du Kubli Blanc, Viognier/Marsanne/Roussanne, Cowhorn Vineyard, Applegate Valley 

The Applegate Valley’s expression of white Rhône varieties will be a surprise to those used to California versions. Here they are firm with a tangy minerality laced with a refreshing acidity. Here Viognier is paired with co-fermented Marsanne and Roussanne and each variety adds their unique personalities making a wine that, while richly aromatic and flavored, finishes with brightly fresh acidity. Barrel fermented and bottled after six months in mature French Oak barrels. Produced from Biodynamic® Grapes from Cowhorn Vineyard here in the Applegate Valley. 

  • 51% Viognier, 28% Marsanne, 21% Roussanne

  • 13.5 alcohol, pH 3.38, T.A. 5.3

  • 96 points BevX.com, 95 points Vinography

  • “This week included a really fantastic white wine from the little producer in Southern Oregon that more and more people are starting to learn about, Troon Vineyard. Delicious,” Vinography

Orange Wines

2018 Estate Riesling, Orange Wine, Whole Grape Ferment, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley 

Yes, there is Riesling planted in the Applegate Valley. We’re not sure why, but it was here when we took over the vineyard from the previous owners. The first year we tried to produce a dry Riesling, but did not like the results (at all). However, these were mature vines producing wines rich in phenolics and flavor and the possibility of an “Orange” wine sprang into our minds. Now three vintages of “Orange” Riesling later, we know we made the right choice. This wine is filled with delicious savory, rather than fruit aromatics, and flavors. Full of charm, we suggest enjoying while young and fruity. Fermented to dryness on the skins in one-ton fermenters for just over two weeks. They were punched down daily followed by five months in mature French Oak barrels. 

  • 13.2% alcohol, pH 3.39, T.A. 6.80

  • 92 points BevX.com, 92 points Terroirist, 90 points Christy Canterbury MW, 90 points Editor’s Selection The Wine Enthusiast, 90 points The National Wine Review

  • "This is certainly a cool wine from a winery that is making some of the coolest wines in America,” BevX.com

2017 Estate Vermentino, Orange Wine, Whole Grape Ferment, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley 

Making orange wine is always a voyage of discovery. Our first orange wine, or as we call it “Whole Grape Ferment”, was made with riesling. We were so excited with the results we also decided to ferment some Vermentino on its skins in 2017. Once we tasted the wine, we knew this would be a wine we were going to make again. For those new to orange wines, they are white wines made like red wines, which means they were fermented on the grape skins. Normally, when you make a white wine you press the fruit right away and ferment only the juice. Fermenting on the skins adds an incredible range of flavors, aromatics and textures that make these wines unique. Starting with the 2019 vintage, this wine will be fermented and aged in amphorae.

  • Aged in mature French Oak barrels for nine months

  • 11.5% alcohol, pH 3.34, T.A. 5.7

  • 94 points BevX.com, 92 points Enobytes, 91 points Terroirist

  • “Texture and mouthfeel on this wine is glorious,” Terroirist

Red Wines

2017 Estate Zinfandel, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley 

Just one sip is all it will take for you to know this is not a California Zinfandel. Bright, fresh and mouthwatering, Oregon Zinfandel from our Applegate Valley Estate Vineyard rivals the best Côtes du Rhône wines for sheer pleasure and value. Troon Vineyard is a historic site for Oregon Zinfandel as Dick Troon first planted Zinfandel vines here in 1972. Today, from Dick’s old vines, we produce our Troon Vineyard Estate Zinfandel. The heart of this wine is from our vineyard’s Block 1, which was planted in 1987. These over thirty-year-old vines give our Estate Zinfandel its unique combination of rich flavors balanced by a vivacious counterpoint of zesty acidity. The wild card in this wine is a 3% co-ferment of Petite Sirah that gives structure and a subtle earthy character. This wine is always crafted with early drinking charm in mind.

  • Aged nine months in mature French Oak Burgundy barrels

  • Screw-cap finish

  • 13.6% alcohol, pH 3.58, T.A. 6.4

  • 91 points BevX.com, 91 points Terroirist, 90 points Enobytes

  • “So pretty, so delicious,” Terroirist

  • “It’s feisty, and bright,” Enobytes

2017 Estate Syrah, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

We produce two Estate Syrah wines at Troon Vineyard, our Estate Syrah is always selected from blocks that give a more fruit-forward, early drinking style of Syrah. While Syrah is a bigger wine by our standards here in the Applegate Valley, Syrah grown here is more reminiscent of Syrah grown in the Northern Rhône. More refined and elegant than Washington or California versions, everything we do (or don’t do) in the cellar is designed to emphasize the natural freshness of Applegate Valley Syrah. We recommend drinking our Estate Syrah over the next two to three years. We are continuing to increase the percentage of whole cluster fermentation in all of our Syrah selections (30% in 2018) and in 2019 this wine will also be co-fermented with Viognier.

  • 100% Syrah

  • 10% whole cluster

  • Aged 20 months in mature French Oak Burgundy barrels

  • 13.5% alcohol, pH 3.7, T.A. 5.70

  • New release

2018 Grenache, Cowhorn Vineyard, Applegate Valley

Grenache grown in the Applegate Valley has more in common with Oregon Pinot Noir than it does with Grenache grown in California or Washington. Graceful and floral with an elegant and balanced style, this Grenache will dramatically change your perception of this variety. All to often, Grenache, which rushes to ripeness in hot climates, is picked overripe and made into high-alcohol monsters, but not at Troon. We are extremely committed to this variety and believe it will be one of the wines that Applegate Valley becomes known for and we just planted three new vineyard blocks with Grenache so it will be a big part of Troon’s future. As with Syrah, we will be offering two distinct Estate Grenache wines in the future. This selection is produced from Biodynamic® Grapes from Cowhorn Vineyard here in the Applegate Valley. 

  • 13.5% alcohol

  • New release

2018 Côtes du Kubli Rouge, Syrah/Grenache, Cowhorn Vineyard, Applegate Valley 

Classic Rhône varieties combine to create new Applegate Valley classics in our Côtes du Kubli series of wines, crafted from those varieties. In this wine Syrah gives focus and precision, while the Grenache adds elegance and bright, floral aromatics. This wine is rich and expansive, without losing a bit of elegance or balance. A wine that will improve over many years to come. Produced from Biodynamic® Grapes from Cowhorn Vineyard here in the Applegate Valley. 

  • 72% Syrah, 28% Grenache

  • 13.7% alcohol

  • New release

2017 Cuvêe Côt, Estate Malbec, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley 

Our Malbec always gets surprised looks when tasted for the first time. It does not resemble the ocean of Malbec flooding the market. The style of wine that Malbec gives in the Applegate Valley is more like you’ll find in a good bottle of Cahors, which is why we named this wine using the traditional name of Malbec in Southwestern France, Côt. Packed with bright, zesty dark fruit flavors that are lifted by the racy acidity, this wine simply explodes with dark fruity deliciousness. We suggest drinking over the next several years. 

  • Aged 22 months in mature French Oak Burgundy barrels

  • 13% alcohol, pH 3.65, T.A. 6.10

  • New release

2016 Estate Tannat, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley 

Place matters. On our granite soils in the Applegate Valley, Tannat transforms from the tannic monster of Madiran to a rounder, deeply flavored wine. Not to say our Tannat is not tannic, it is, however, those tannins are silkier, without the greenness found in the variety grown in other places. Concentrated, deep, dark fruit flavors and aromatics are laced with an intriguing earthy and savory personality. While this is certainly Oregon’s “biggest” wine, compared to California and Washington wines, its true refinement shows through. This is a wine that will certainly benefit from extended cellar time.

  • Aged 22 months in mature French Oak Burgundy barrels

  • 14% alcohol, pH 3.65 T.A. 6.1

  • 90 Points - Vinography "Almost certainly the single best rendition of Tannat I've ever had north of the Equator"

  • 92 points Terroirist, 91 points Christy Canterbury M.W.,

2016 Cuvée Pyrénées, Estate Tannat/Malbec Co-ferment, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley 

No other wine speaks so clearly about the terroir and character of the Kubli Bench in the Applegate Valley than our distinctive co-ferment of Estate Tannat and Malbec, Cuvée Pyrénées. In the shadow of the Pyrénées Mountains in southwestern France Tannat and Malbec reign as the premier grape varieties in the famed appellations of Madiran and Cahors and we named this wine in their honor. Cuvée Pyrénées was formally known as MT, but its new name better reflects the traditions and inspiration that created this one-of-a-kind Oregon co-ferment. At Troon, we are firmly committed to co-fermentation instead of blending as we believe it adds many layers of complexity and texture that cannot be obtained in any other way. Our 2016 Cuvée Pyrénées is a svelte, yet substantial wine, with brilliant lifted aromatics. More than cellar-worthy, with a bit of patience this wine will develop into a wine of even greater complexity than it already possesses. 

  • 13.5% alcohol, pH 3.42, T.A. 6.81

  • 91 points Expert’s Choice - Decanter, 98 points BevX.com, 91 points Vinography

  • “ It drinks like a holiday in Madiran, without the need to leave home,” Decanter