97 Points 2014 Troon Black Label M*T, Applegate Valley
— BevX.com
97 Points 2014 Troon Blue Label Sangiovese, Applegate Valley
— BevX.com
94 Points 2014 Troon Black Label Vermentino, Applegate Valley
— BevX.com
92 Points 2013 Troon Blue Label Estate Tannat, Applegate Valley
— The National Wine Review
92 Points 2014 Troon Red Label Zinfandel, Applegate Valley
— James Melendez
93 Points 2013 Troon Black Label M*T, Applegate Valley
— National Wine Review
91 Points 2013 Troon Black Label M*T, Applegate Valley
— The Wine Enthusiast


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Sharing our wines is our greatest pleasure and so Troon Vineyard has two tasting rooms to make it even easier to find and taste our exceptional wines. 

At the Troon Winery and Vineyard in southern Oregon, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Siskiyou Mountains, we offer a full range of tasting experiences and events.  However, if Grants Pass is a bit far away from Portland for your schedule, you can experience our wines at our Carlton tasting room in the heart of the Willamette Valley and just an hour drive from Portland.

Both locations are open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. No appointments are required but are suggested for large groups.

The Winery Tasting Room in The Applegate Valley

Our Carlton Tasting Room in the Willamette Valley

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About Troon

Founded in 1972

Troon Vineyard is an historic part of Oregon winemaking as it was planted by Oregon winegrowing pioneer Dick Troon in 1972. In 2003, Troon passed the baton to his friend and fishing buddy Larry Martin, who is still the proprietor of this heirloom property. Martin constructed a beautiful winery and tasting room and has helped revolutionize Applegate Valley winemaking by introducing varieties uniquely suited to this terroir including vermentino, tannat and malbec.

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