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 Our stunning Languedoc styled co-ferment of vermentino and marsanne

Our stunning Languedoc styled co-ferment of vermentino and marsanne

The Southern Oregon wines of Troon Vineyard are inspired by the wines of the Mediterranean coasts of Southern Europe. Place names like Madiran, Cahors, Bandol, Languedoc, Priorato, Campania and Sardegna have provided the varieties which shine in our vineyards high in the Siskiyou Mountains. Winemaking at Troon is straightforward. Our grapes are field sorted by the same vineyard crew that tended them all season. The hand-harvested grapes go into half-ton picking boxes where both the red and white grapes are treaded by foot. After extended skin contact the reds (or whites destined to become Orange wines) may be de-stemmed and go into one ton fermenters where they complete fermentation outside with no temperature controls with our natural, native yeasts. Only hand punch downs are used, no pump-overs. The whites are pressed into mature French Oak barrels where they complete fermentations, also with their natural yeasts. All wines are matured in three or more years old French Oak Burgundy barrels purchased from top producers in the Willamette Valley. There are no acids, sugar, enzymes or any additives added to any of the wines. Natural pHs are low hovering just above 3.5 for the reds and just under that for the whites, as evidenced by the crisp acidity in all of our wines. Alcohol levels for zinfandel, malbec and tannat will sometimes go just over 14%, while most of our wines are in the 12% to 13% range. Our vineyards are all LIVE and Salmon Safe certified and we are now beginning our quest to become biodynamic and organic certified. 


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97 Points 2014 Troon Black Label M*T, Applegate Valley
95 Points 2016 Troon Blue Label Estate Vermentino, Cuvée Rolle, Applegate Valley
93 Points - “It’s damned delicious. This is something else” 2016 Troon Riesling, Whole Grape Ferment (Orange Wine), Applegate Valley
— Terroirist
93 Points 2014 Troon Black Label Vermentino, Applegate Valley
— Christy Canterbury M.W.
93 Points 2014 Troon Black Label Estate M*T, Applegate Valley
— The National Wine Review
91 Points 2014 Troon Black Label Estate Syrah, Applegate Valley
— Anthony Dias Blue, The Tasting Panel Magazine


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Sharing our wines is our greatest pleasure and so Troon Vineyard has two tasting rooms to make it even easier to find and taste our exceptional wines. 

At the Troon Winery and Vineyard in southern Oregon, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Siskiyou Mountains, we offer a full range of tasting experiences and events.  However, if Grants Pass is a bit far away from Portland for your schedule, you can experience our wines at our Carlton tasting room in the heart of the Willamette Valley and just an hour drive from Portland.

Both locations are open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. No appointments are required but are suggested for large groups.

The Winery Tasting Room in The Applegate Valley

Our Carlton Tasting Room in the Willamette Valley

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About Troon

Founded in 1972

Troon Vineyard is an historic part of Oregon winemaking as it was planted by Oregon winegrowing pioneer Dick Troon in 1972. 

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