Troon in the Press

Estate Orange Wines

2017 Estate Vermentino, Orange Wine, Whole Grape Ferment, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

94 Points - - “Vermentino made in the Pacific Northwest is always cool but add the whole grape ferment technique and this delicious and unusual wine is very cool.”

92 Points - Enobytes A simply spectacular orange wine with beautiful aromas and flavors of apricot, white peach, green apple and lime. The finish is crisp, with a good dose of mineral, crushed rocks, white pepper and appealing green almond.”

91 Points - Terroirist “Fascinating aromas of apricot, orange and lemon pith, sea salt, white tea, hay, freshly cut flowers. On the palate, this is pristine and crisp, but crunchy and full of textural depth as well, with lovely balance. Apricot, lemon pith, along with complex elements of saline, crushed shells, white tea, bamboo and white pepper, seriously cool stuff going on here. Texture and mouthfeel on this wine is glorious.”

90 Points - The Wine Enthusiast

2017 Estate Riesling, Orange Wine, Whole Grape Ferment, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

92 Points - "This is certainly a cool wine from a winery that is making some of the coolest wines in America. No doubt this will not be the last "orange wine" that we see from Troon."

92 Points - Terroirist - “Flavors of limes and candied orange peel, mixed with almond, ginger, dried honey, wax. Complex, elegant, deliciousness. 11.6% alcohol, almost bone dry, this is an exciting and delicious orange wine”

90 Points - Christy Canterbury MW  "That’s important for wines made as naturally as possible, like those at Troon. This wine is made with its “native” yeasts, or those found on the grape skins, and enthusiasts of natural yeast fermentations want to promote the flavors derived from the grapevine’s growing environment."

90 Points - Editor's Selection - The Wine Enthusiast - “This orange wine (in color and fermentation practices) bears little resemblance to any traditional concept of Riesling. Which is not to say it isn't fascinating, and well-made besides, in its unique style. Scents of orange blossom and citrus open into a broad palate with more citrus and lemon-curd flavors. Fermented on the skins, as you would a red wine, it has more phenolic bite than other Rieslings, and would be a fun wine to taste against a broad array of appetizers and entrées.”

90 Points - National Wine Review  “Look at that color-no photoshopping here! Beautifully perfumed; intoxicating aromas; exotic flavors of tart spiced apple and orange peel. Great wine for fans of hard ciders!"

2016 Troon Riesling, Whole Grape Ferment (Orange Wine), Applegate Valley

93 Points - Terroirist, Isaac James Baker "It's damned delicious. This is something else"

93 Points - James Melendez "A delightful orange wine"

92 Points - Fred Swan NorCal Wine "A terrific orange wine"

Estate Vermentino

2017 Estate Vermentino, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

Slow Wine Award - 2019 Slow Wine Guide - “Buzzes with brisk acidity, talc-like minerality and scents and flavors of lemon, lime and savory grilled peach”

92 Points - - “We have been a fan of the Troon Vermentino since first tasting their 2014 vintage. It was clear then, and remains certain, that the climate found in Oregon's Applegate Valley is ideal for growing grapes like Vermentino.”

91 Points - TerroristInsane value for the price.”

90 Points - EnobytesCrisp and enjoyable, with pear, lime, and citrus zest. The finish is crisp and smooth, with a tinge of honey and grapefruit. A bargain for $18 bucks!

90 Points - “Editor’s Selection - The Wine Enthusiast

2016 Estate Vermentino, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

95 Points - "this Troon Vermentino (Red Label) is very much in the mold of great Sardegna wines"  

92 Points - James Melendez video review

92 Points - Palate Press "This is a marvelous wine"

91 Points "Wow, this is serious stuff and an insane bargain" Terroirist

90 Points - National Wine Review "made in the Italian style — fresh and crisp, with zesty acidity and a yearning for fresh-caught seafood"

2016 Estate Vermentino, Cuvée Rolle, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

95 Points - "This superb wine is proof positive that a wine can have richness while being vibrant with low alcohol levels"

92 Points "Deep, precise, exquisite" Terroirist

92 Points - National Wine Review "Troon’s Blue Label is made in the style of French Vermentino, or “Rolle” (hence the name “Cuvée Rolle”)"

91 Points - Palate Press "Highly Recommended

90 Points - Christy Canterbury, M.W. "The finish is thoroughly dry, but not at all biting, with a lovely, light layer of deliciousness settling onto the palate"

2016 Estate Vermentino, Granito, Applegate Valley

91 Points - James Suckling “Very attractive lemons and green melon with assertive freshness and a kick of lemon on the palate. The acidity holds well. Plenty of weight and a focused and crisp feel. Drink now.”

93 Points - Terroirist “And Oregon’s Troon wows me again with their new Granito Vermentino.

90 Points - Alder Yarrow, Vinography “I've reviewed Troon Vineyard wines before here, and was recently sent one of their latest wines which is called Granito. They've made Vermentino for a while, but this one got a new protocol -- fermenting and aging in French oak barrels for a richer mouthfeel and deeper complexity. I like it quite a bit. As with all their wines it's made with minimal intervention.”

2014 Estate Vermentino Granito, Applegate Valley

94 Points - "the Troon Vermentino is very much in the mold of great Sardegna wines that showcase complex fruit flavors"

93 Points - James Melendez video review

93 Points - Christy Canterbury, M.W. "here’s a fascinating delineation of flavors that spread across the spectrum here"

90 Points - The National Wine Review "Troon’s 2014 rendition tips toward the latter style, reminiscent of the renowned white wines of the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG appellation in northeastern Sardinia"

93 Points - Top 100 Wines of 2016 - James Melendez

90 points - Terroirist, Isaac James Baker "A delicious Oregon take on Vermentino"

Estate Kubli Bench Blanc

2017 Troon Vineyard, Kubli Bench Blanc, Estate marsanne/viognier Co-Ferment, Applegate Valley

91 Points - - “If red blends are a buzz now how about white blends? This is the second Kubli Bench Blanc, Troon's Rhône-inspired white blend featuring Marsanne and Viognier and it's very cool.”

91 Points - EnobytesThe Troon Vineyard Kubli Bench Blanc is a wildly different co-fermented 52% Marsanne, 48% Viognier that demands attention—it’s delightful, and exclusive with tons of personality—vibrant, and tropical with apricot, almond, and mango flavors that finish with moderate acidity, and orange blossom notes that dance in the glass.”

91 Points - Terroirist Wow, aromatics pop with apricot, pineapple, orange marmalade, and complex elements of lamp oil, raw almond and herbal extract kind of thing – unique and interesting. 11.8% alcohol but texturally deep, creamy, chalky, with moderating acidity. 

2016 Kubli Bench Blanc, Estate Bottled, Applegate Valley (marsanne/viognier)

95 Points - "The resulting wine certainly exudes a unique character tasting like no other Viognier and Marsanne blend that I have tasted. Get a few bottles while it lasts"

92 Points - Christy Canterbury M.W. "I love this wine’s nose! A blend of 55% Marsanne and 45% Viognier, it smells of white flowers, spring grass, candied pear skins and white peaches"

91 Points "Pretty, delicious, complex" Terroirist

Estate Cuvée Pyrénées

2016 Estate Cuvée Pyrénées, Tannat/Malbec Co-ferment, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

92 Points - James Suckling “Some lifted red cherries and raspberries with cassis and red plums, as well as red flowers. The palate has a very succulent, deeply fleshy and dark-fruit core of assertive tannin and flavorsome, red-berry flesh. A blend of 62% tannat and 38% malbec that is co-fermented. Drink over the next decade.”

91 Points Expert’s Choice - DecanterThis Tannat-Malbec co-ferment oozes black fruit and espresso, with zippy acidity, chalky minerality and leathery tannins. It drinks like a holiday in Madiran, without the need to leave home. Organic”

98 Points - Whenever we sample a wine and much of the discussion is how close to a 100 point score will this wine receive we are surely in the company of a very cool wine.

91 Points - Terroirist - “Vibrant and delicious now but I’d be interested in what this does over the next few years”

90 Points - Vinography - Medium to dark garnet in the glass, this wine smells of leather and violets and blueberries. In the mouth, bright blueberry and cassis fruit mix with floral notes and are lifted by excellent, juicy acidity. Barely perceptible tannins strengthen through the finish, and a wonderful rocky aspect lingers on the palate

2015 M*T, Applegate Valley, Kubli Bench Estate Bottled

92 Points - Terroirist " Elegant yet so complex, this will age wonderfully"

93 Points - The National Wine Review "Highly Recommended"

“Excellent”- Fredric Koeppel “ Troon Vineyard, in Oregon’s Applegate Valley AVA, produces limited quantities of some of the most interesting, authentic and satisfying wines not only in that state but on the whole West Coast.

2014 Troon Black Label M*T, Applegate Valley (tannat/Malbec)

97 Points - " I was a big fan of Troon's 2013 MT Reserve but the 2014 vintage is a step up"

93 Points - International Wine Review "A unique combination of Malbec and Tannat made even more interesting from co fermentation"

93 Points - The National Wine Review "Stylistically, Troon’s M*T blend is more evocative of the wines of southwestern France than anything from South America"

92 Points - Christy Canterbury, M.W.  "The tannins are grippy but incredibly refined, and the wine’s acidic lift is “game on” 

92 Points - Terroirist, Isaac James Baker "Gorgeous now"

92 Points - Anthony Dias Blue, The Tasting Panel Magazine

91 Points - The Wine Enthusiast

Estate Tannat

2016 Troon Vineyard, Estate Tannat, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

90 Points - Terroirist - “I’m stoked to see what this does with five years or so in the cellar.”

2015 Troon Vineyard, Tannat, Applegate Valley Kubli Bench Estate Bottled

92 Points - Terroirist - "All wrapped up in a serious, structured but fresh wine that should age wonderfully. Another beautiful Applegate Valley wine from Troon"

91 Points - The National Wine Review - "Highly Recommended"

91 Points - Christy Canterbury M.W. - There’s a vigor and sass about the acidity that keeps the hand outstretched to the glass. This is an impressively approachable Tannat with a nicely lingering finish.

2014 Estate Tannat, Applegate Valley

92 Points - The National Wine Review "Troon’s 2014 “Blue Label” Estate Tannat is 100% of the variety and a vivid expression of it"

92 Points - Terroirist, Isaac James Baker "Palate is dark and saucy with sturdy tannic grip but moderate acidity, which reigns the wine in and keeps the mouth watering"

91 Points - "We have been a fan of Troon Vineyard since first seeing samples nearly a year ago. These are not cookie-cutter wines rather wines with personality and attitude"

90 Points - Vinography "Almost certainly the single best rendition of Tannat I've ever had north of the Equator" 

90 Points - The Wine Enthusiast

90 Points - Anthony Dias Blue, Blue Lifestyles

2013 Estate Tannat, Applegate Valley

 92 Points - "this Tannat is ideally balanced and so vibrant on the palate that it never seems heavy while also being quite intense" -

92 Points - "Troon’s 2013 Estate Tannat is 100% of the variety and a revelation to the senses. The wine’s aromas are vivid" - The National Wine Review

92 Points - James Melendez

Estate Côt

2016 Cuvêe Côt, Estate Malbec, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

95 Points - - “Troon Vineyard is always clever and it often signals style along with the varietal. In the USA most wine drinkers know Malbec as an Argentine wine unaware that the grape is of French origin. In my view the best expression of Malbec can be found in the appellation of Cahors in the Southwest of France. In Cahors Malbec is known as Côt. The Troon Vineyard Malbec Cuvée Côt is very much like a wine of Cahors with savory dark fruits dominating with firm tannins to add structure.” 

92 Points - EnobytesThis is a delicious red that consists of blue fruits, violet, and plums. The finish is high-spirited and charming, with a tinge of spice.”

91 Points - Terroirist “This is delicious now, but has the acidity, structure and fruit to age quite a while”

Côtes du Kubli

2018 Côtes du Kubli Blanc, Viognier/Marsanne/Roussanne, Cowhorn Vineyard, Applegate Valley

96 Points - BevX.comYou will be hard-pressed to find a better or more stylish White Rhone-inspired wine for the money so despite the $35 price tag we find it to be a good value.

95 Points - VinographyThis week included a really fantastic white wine from the little producer in Southern Oregon that more and more people are starting to learn about, Troon Vineyard. Delicious. A blend of 51% Viognier, 28% Marsanne and 21% Roussanne. Outstanding.”

92 Points - The Wine Enthusiast

Estate Zinfandel

2017 Troon Vineyard Estate Zinfandel, Kubli Bench, Applegate Valley

91 Points - - “The resulting wine is very charming and hard to put down as each sip reveals another nuance of the red and black fruits that dominate.”

91 Points - TerroiristVibrant purple color. The aromas really pop with aromas of red cherries, strawberries, pomegranate, with notes of roses, pepper, lavender, some cola, I love this fresh, bright appeal. Suave and medium/full-bodied with crisp acidity and fleshy, velvety tannins. Crisp red and black cherries, pomegranate, strawberries, lots of fruit but an airy, more restrained feel. Complex elements of spicy tobacco, pepper, leather and a whole lot of red flowers. So pretty, so delicious.”

90 Points - Enobytes It’s feisty, and bright “

2014 Troon Red Label Zinfandel, Applegate Valley

92 Points - James Melendez

91 Points - The National Wine Review

91 Points - Zinfandel Chronicles

90 Points - Christine Havens

90 Points - NorCal Wine

2013 Troon Blue Label Estate Zinfandel, Applegate Valley

90 Points - Zinfandel Chronicles

Articles About Troon Vineyard

A Conversation with Denise and Bryan White, Proprietors of Troon Vineyard - by Melanie Bianco Ofenloch - “ We didn’t find Troon, it found us”

A Talk with Craig Camp of Troon Vineyard by The Wine Write - “Drawn by the challenge of promoting an up and coming wine region, Craig made his way to Troon Vineyard in 2016. He's championing biodynamic farming there and working to toot the horn about the nice things happening now at Troon and the Applegate Valley.”

Exploring Oregon’s Other White Wines, in The Wine Enthusiast by Paul Gregutt - “In Southern Oregon, AlbariñoViognier and white Rhône-style blends are catching on, notably in the Applegate Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA), where Troon is also working wonders with Vermentino. Troon 2017 Vermentino (Applegate Valley); $18, 90 points. In the midst of a major transformation to new varieties, a biodynamic vineyard and innovative fermentations, Troon scores with this rich, toasty, barrel-fermented white wine. A ripe mix of fruits brings poached pear and banana to the front, with a lick of vanilla custard as the wine trails off. Delicious already, so drink up. Editors’ Choice.

Science Meets Biodynamics at Troon Vineyard by Jeff Burrows - “They are pursuing full Demeter certification, and they are applying modern scientific methods to understand the changes in the vineyard as they move from Live Certified sustainable to certified organic and biodynamic operation.”

Oregon’s Iberian Connection by Paul Gregutt - The Wine Enthusiast “In the Applegate Valley, Grenache gives a very delicate, elegant wine with weight more like you find in Oregon Pinot Noir, but layered with a spicy, white pepper component” 

The Good Sh*t - Biodynamic Preparations at Troon by Joe Roberts “ 2018 will be Troon’s first 100% certified Biodynamic vintage, and the thinking behind it has nothing to do with smoking the other “good sh*t” big agricultural crop (marijuana) in Troon’s neck of the woods; the plan is that Biodynamic farming can help the resiliency of the vines, and therefore allow for more dry-farming, less water usage, and increasingly better and better vineyard fruit. Combined with six full-time vineyard staff, “you get a different level of care in the vineyard” according to Camp.”

Burgeoning Southern Oregon by Kelli White in GuildSomm - “Troon, one of the region’s more historic wineries, is located at a wider spot in the valley. It was established in 1972 but today is run by two Napa Valley expats. While their site is not quite as marginal as Cowhorn, they find the growing conditions challenging but also compelling. “Yes, it’s a truncated season, but we also have more daylight hours during the summer. Then, in October, the daylight hours drop dramatically. It’s honestly startling, but as it’s still warm, you get flavor development, while the low light makes for limited photosynthesis,” Craig Camp explains. “We end up making wines that are more European in weight, higher in acid, and with less fruit-forward aromatics.”

Block and Tackle by Joe Roberts - “ The additions of foot-treading and Biodynamics to the mix helped to put the finishing touches on the approach, and Troon was, in a very real sense, thus reborn as a brand. What hasn’t changed is that Troon’s small vineyard location is capable of some excellent winegrowing magic when the right varieties are planted. Troon is more or less surrounded by the Siskiyou Mountains, near a wider section of the Applegate River, with river bench soils that consist of pieces of ancient seabed, granite, and sediment. “We have a mostly Northern California climate here,” Craig noted, “with a shorter growing season. So we can produce wines with European ‘weights.'”

This Wine Region is Trending: Applegate Valley - Snooth

"When asked if he agreed with me that Applegate Valley AVA was poised for an explosive presence throughout the wine industry, including consumers and critics alike, Camp answered, " The Applegate is going to gain attention for the same reason that Sardegna and Corsica are now getting serious attention.  Complex, interesting wines at prices people can afford to drink."

Food and Wine Pairing: Troon and College Football - Michelle Williams

Christy Canterbury, M.W. - "Since I last tasted Troon wines, in Southern Oregon in July 2013, the winemaker and winemaking approach have changed. They were pleasant before, so I was curious to see what I would find in the wines post-makeover. I’m happy to report that this Southern Oregon pioneer continues to push boundaries in the right direction."

Madiran vs Applegate Valley - "Why Applegate Valley? It is home to Troon Vineyard and their 100% Tannat wine. Craig Camp took over as General Manager at Troon Vineyards in 2016. Craig is a man I admire. Not only does he have great insight to the wine industry, everywhere he goes high quality wines follows." Michelle Williams, Dallas

All Fired Up! Light the Grill and Pour Troon Wines, Cindy Rynning, Chicago

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