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Introducing Team Troon

Craig Camp - General Manager

Craig Camp is a fine wine industry professional with more than thirty years of experience. Although he is often associated with using technology and social media to market his wines, in all truth, he would rather spend all of his time in the vineyards, cellar or in the kitchen cooking something to enjoy with a fine bottle of wine. Like almost all the technology he uses, his head is in the clouds dreaming how to make better wine each and every vintage. While his goals for his wines are to be complex and to slow life down, his goal for technology is that it should be ruthlessly efficient, simple and user friendly.

Wine Camp

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Steve Hall - Winemaker

Steve Hall, while a veteran winemaker, is always driven to push himself and his wines to ever higher levels of complexity. With a résumé that's filled with famous wineries including Robert Biale, JARVIS, and Clos du Val along with a string of highly rated wines from The Wine Spectator and The Wine Advocate, Steve is bringing a new level of sophisticated and thoughtful winemaking to the Applegate Valley.  Steve is always focused on building layers of texture and aromatics throughout each of our Troon Vineyard wines. Since his arrival he has been guiding Troon Vineyard towards a natural winemaking philosophy that is guided by our soils and the unique micro-climates of the Applegate Valley. Finesse, definition and complexity are the elements expressed in the wines he crafts at Troon Vineyard. 

Meg Ordaz - Wine Club and Director of Hospitality

Meg found herself a home at the Troon Vineyard tasting room in Carlton a few years ago and has been able to grow her passion for wine and love of interacting with people of all walks of life hosting our guests at our Carlton Tasting Salon. The quaint tasting room in Carlton has become her home away from home. Meg enjoys the new and exciting wines that are being produced at Troon Vineyard and loves that winemaker Steve Hall is happy to spend time up in Carlton and will even drag along a barrel of something new and exciting for our guests. One of her favorites this summer is the 2014 Black Label Vermentino with it’s beautiful flavors that pairs nicely with her favorite Thai food. When Meg is not at work she enjoys spending time with her 2 teenage children, one of whom is looking at S.O.U. giving Meg and her husband Norm another reason to visit the winery in the nearby Applegate Valley.

Nate Winters - Assistant Winemaker

Meet Nate Winters. A California native who has found his home in Southern Oregon in 2014. Lots of outdoor activities suit his hands on and active personality. He loves conceptual music and all forms of expression, drawing being a favorite. Catching him by surprise is the wine. Growing up very unfamiliar to the drink and culture, it seems now that the more he learns the more he wants to learn. With a customer service/hospitality background combined with his curiosity for wine, he couldn't find a better fit!