Troon Vineyard: An Oregon Winegrowing Heritage Vineyard

Dick Troon in 1973

Troon Vineyard has over 40 years of history in Southern Oregon; the original vines were planted in 1972 by Dick Troon and for several years he sold the grapes to local wineries.  Deciding the real solution to the business was creating his own wines Dick converted his barn to a winery.  Many stories and legends have been told about Dick Troon whose eccentricities and charisma worked well for a displaced Scotsman.  For deep in his heart his Scottish heritage was the way in which he lived.  Troon Vineyard was originally a cattle grazing property and after a number of years and after finding out that wine grapes produced much greater income per acre he set about getting educated about grapes and wine.  He planted, experimented, cursed, re-planted and eventually came to a conclusion that the grapes grown on Troon Vineyard were the best in the world.  Dick Troon loved the beautiful Applegate Valley, the people and his winery.  He often said Troon Vineyard was the center of the universe and to him it was.